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Camella Communities – Building the Country

In three powerful words, Camella’s brand tagline has encapsulated more than what it represents, more than its reason for existence — it is also a statement of the group’s vision and its mission, and a glimpse into what the brand plans for its future…

37 years and counting. About 200 developments across the country. Over 250,000 homes built to date. A powerful presence in Mega Manila and 28 other key provinces. Over 58 cities and municipalities. A familiar household name in the country, and across borders with Filipinos abroad.

It is a story of growth, a story of vision, a story of passion. It is a story about the desire to build a home for every Filipino. To deservedly reward the hard work and perseverance of the Filipino family man. To give young families a place of their own where they can grow their dreams and tomorrows. To create communities where residents feel safe and feel they belong to.

Reservation for Monsterat property

To reserve a property at Monsterat you will need to complete
the required forms including a pre reservation form.

You can use our contact form or email us at with
your name and contact information and we will send you
the required forms.

You may also contact us for any further imformation on
reservation of property at Monsterat or any of the other
properties listed on Cebu Homes.

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